My 3 Week Diet Review: Pros and Cons!

Weight loss Program That Let’s You Eat Pasta



Can you lose up to twenty-three pounds in just three short weeks? Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes. The 3 Week Diet is the angel behind this. Through this diet weight loss program, you can dramatically transform your body. Don’t just take my word for it though. Let’s jump into a 3 week diet review, so you can decide for yourself.


You mentioned pasta! Yea, I know, I’m getting there. The diet plan consists of different phases – detox, fasting, low-carb diet (pasta, there we got to it), and exercising. Yikes! Sounds painful to me. No pain, no gain though, right? Just looking at the components, the twenty-three-pound weight loss goal in just three weeks seems highly reasonable. Though if you are looking to cheat and skim you were through, then do not be disappointed when you fail to meet this goal.


Moving forward with our 3 Week Diet Review. Let’s talk about if this is right for you. Do you want or are you in need of quick weight loss? Do you have the will power to “nut up or shut up” and not give in? If you answered yes to both questions, and I mean both, then this is for you. Simple as that. To see similar ideas to the diet,click here if the diet does not seem like its the diet for you!


But if you faltered on answering these questions, probably question two, then this is not for you. With a diet like this, you will feel some pain and you will need to have the strength to push through it. Or, even if you answered yes to both questions, you should avoid this diet if you already on another one. Combining diets, especially medical ones, can have negative effects on the health of your body and mind. You should also avoid this if you are a vegan. The detox phase will give you trouble.

I loved the diet! You can read about other diets on the Referencementzone home page




  • One of the fastest ways to lose weight! (easy to lose 20+ pounds)
  • Ability to eat carbs after the initial phase
  • Good diet for long term results as well if one sticks to the diet
  • Easy to understand
  • Does not cost much money to start it up (10-20 dollars for a week)
  • Fast results! ( see results within 1-2 days of starting diet)


  • Diet is hard to do if one does not want to follow instructions
  • First few days are mentally challenging as the body wants carbs (Eventually the body gets used to it)
  • Diet is not Vegan friendly.

Any additional information you wish to receive can be located here.

I hope this 3 Week Diet review was helpful! Can’t wait to see you out there rocking that summer body.

To see the diet plan click here!